CME Group, the world’s largest derivatives exchange, has made the decision to eliminate 100 positions, amounting to 3% of its workforce. The move comes in the wake of a major industry crisis that was triggered by the collapse of two regional U.S. banks back in March, prompting other financial institutions on Wall Street to also downsize their employee count.

However, CME Group’s approach to the restructuring sets it apart from traditional layoffs. The majority of the affected positions will be repurposed and channeled into new roles centered around cloud-focused technology. This shift aims to align the company with the digital era and enhance its technological capabilities. By reallocating employees to these tech-driven roles, CME Group plans to maintain its overall headcount, ensuring minimal disruption to its workforce.

As of now, the exact number of employees being reassigned to the new cloud-focused positions remains undisclosed. Moreover, the company’s spokesperson did not reveal whether additional staff would be brought in to compensate for the 100 positions that were cut. This leaves room for speculation on how CME Group will effectively manage its human resources during this transitional phase.

The decision to streamline its workforce and pivot toward cloud technology comes amid a backdrop of contrasting financial performance for the company. While CME Group reported positive quarterly results in April, its CEO, Terry Duffy, voiced concerns earlier in March regarding the Federal Reserve’s near-term rate trajectory and the pressing banking issues. These concerns have seemingly played a part in shaping the company’s recent actions.

As this week unfolds, market watchers and investors alike will eagerly await CME Group’s second-quarter results, which are scheduled to be released on Wednesday. The report will provide crucial insights into the company’s financial performance amidst the recent changes and ongoing challenges in the financial industry.

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