Tesla has finally completed the construction of its first Cybertruck at the company’s manufacturing plant in Austin, Texas. The much-anticipated pickup truck was initially unveiled by Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, back in 2019. However, due to several hurdles, production dates were repeatedly pushed back, causing a two-year delay.

The primary obstacle that hindered the production process was component sourcing issues, which plagued the company’s efforts to get the Cybertruck off the assembly line. This setback disappointed eager customers who had been eagerly waiting for the futuristic electric pickup truck.

Elon Musk addressed the delay and production challenges during a May shareholder meeting, assuring investors that the company is committed to meeting the enormous demand for the Cybertruck. In his statement, Musk boldly announced that Tesla intends to manufacture an impressive quarter-million Cybertrucks annually, underlining the confidence he has in the model’s market potential.

With this milestone achievement, Tesla steps into the highly profitable electric pickup segment, joining the ranks of competitors like Ford Motor and Rivian Automotive. Both Ford and Rivian have already launched their own electric pickup models in limited quantities, making it an exciting and competitive market space.

It is worth noting that Tesla’s ambition for the Cybertruck extends beyond the US market. Last year, Reuters reported that the electric vehicle manufacturer plans to initiate mass production of the Cybertruck before the end of 2023, indicating the company’s commitment to delivering on its promises and reaching a global audience with this groundbreaking vehicle.

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