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Ryanair, Europe’s largest low-cost airline, has decided to leave the UK Aviation Council, an industry organization established by the British government with the primary goal of implementing the nation’s aviation strategy. The departure comes as the airline criticizes the council for its inability to deliver tangible benefits or make necessary revisions that would improve the overall customer experience in the aviation sector.

The UK Aviation Council was formed to provide guidance on a comprehensive 10-year plan, aimed at boosting airport capacity, promoting sustainable aviation fuels, and enhancing the overall quality of service for passengers. With key airline CEOs, airport directors, and trade associations making up its ranks, the council sought to tackle critical sector-wide issues in a collaborative manner.

However, Ryanair contends that the council has largely been a “talking shop” and has fallen short of its intended purpose. The airline, known for its outspoken nature, claims that the council has not fulfilled its commitment to serve as a “delivery body” for strengthening the aviation resilience of the United Kingdom.

Ryanair had been an active participant in the council and had urged the government to take decisive action on various critical matters. The airline specifically advocated for a reduction in UK visa fees, the implementation of air space reform throughout Europe, and improved border security, air traffic control, and personnel. Unfortunately, the council’s inability to turn these proposals into actionable steps has been the breaking point for Ryanair.

In a statement, the airline expressed its frustration with the lack of progress, stating that the council’s failure to address these fundamental issues has left passengers without the expected benefits and revisions that were promised.

The decision by Ryanair to leave the UK Aviation Council is likely to have repercussions on the council’s credibility and effectiveness. As a major player in the aviation industry, Ryanair’s departure raises questions about the council’s ability to represent and address the needs of airlines and passengers alike.

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