Online retailer has emerged as the winning bidder in an auction for a portion of Bed Bath & Beyond’s liquidated assets. The transaction, valued at a significant $21.5 million, includes the acquisition of Bed Bath & Beyond’s intellectual property and mobile platform. This move marks a significant development in Overstock’s expansion strategy and its intention to bolster its presence in the home goods market.

The news of the successful auction has had a positive impact on Overstock’s stock performance, with shares skyrocketing by more than 22% to reach $26.01. This surge in stock price represents the highest level Overstock has achieved this year, reflecting investors’ optimism and confidence in the company’s growth potential following the acquisition.

It’s important to note that the purchase by Overstock does not encompass Bed Bath & Beyond’s physical retail stores. Instead, Overstock will focus on acquiring vital business data and publicity rights, along with taking on certain liabilities. The transaction is still contingent upon approval from the bankruptcy court overseeing Bed Bath & Beyond’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings.

Bed Bath & Beyond’s decision to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in April was driven by a combination of factors, including a decline in sales and an unsuccessful merchandising strategy. The company’s struggles in recent years have prompted the need for significant restructuring efforts, making the auction of its assets a crucial step towards stabilizing its financial position.

While Overstock has secured this important acquisition, other investment firms have also expressed interest in acquiring specific Bed Bath & Beyond brands. Companies like Go Global Retail and Sixth Street Partners are among those actively exploring potential opportunities within Bed Bath & Beyond’s portfolio. The presence of multiple interested parties underscores the perceived value and attractiveness of certain brands associated with the struggling retailer.

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