JPMorgan Chase bank

Attorneys representing the victims of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein have filed a lawsuit against JPMorgan Chase, urging Chief Executive Officer Jamie Dimon and two other bank officials to undergo new depositions. The legal team argues that the financial institution has been sluggish in producing pertinent documents, including a substantial cache of more than 1,500 records that were made available after Dimon’s initial deposition.

According to sources familiar with the matter, these newly discovered documents allegedly comprise a 22-page timeline of emails exchanged between Epstein and Jes Staley, a former JPMorgan executive. These email correspondences are said to have taken place after Epstein’s death in August 2019, shedding potentially significant light on the relationship between the disgraced financier and individuals within the bank.

However, JPMorgan Chase swiftly responded to the request for additional depositions, with a spokesperson dismissing the necessity of such proceedings. The spokesperson maintained that Jamie Dimon had no substantial interactions or working relationships with Epstein, refuting any implication of impropriety on the part of the CEO or other bank officials.

Nevertheless, the financial institution finds itself entangled in multiple legal battles related to the Epstein case. In addition to the lawsuit filed by Epstein’s victims, JPMorgan is facing legal action from the U.S. Virgin Islands, which accuses the bank of facilitating the alleged atrocities committed by Epstein on his private island.

Meanwhile, JPMorgan Chase has taken legal action of its own, as the bank has filed a lawsuit against Jes Staley. The suit seeks to hold Staley accountable for potential losses incurred in both the victims’ lawsuit and the U.S. Virgin Islands’ case.

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