Standard Chartered bank

Financial experts at Standard Chartered have made a bold prediction that the price of bitcoin will hit an astounding $100,000 by the conclusion of 2024. This projection comes as the world watches the cryptocurrency market closely, especially considering the turbulent times it has faced in recent years.

The crypto winter, which seemed to have gripped the market, is now believed to have ended, offering a glimmer of hope for bitcoin’s resurgence. And the timing couldn’t be more favorable, as the digital currency may reap the benefits of recent banking turmoil.

The factors contributing to bitcoin’s potential growth are multifold, making the forecasted price surge less far-fetched than it may seem at first glance. One of the major contributors is the stabilization of risk assets, coinciding with the US Federal Reserve concluding its rate-hiking cycle. Such an environment is conducive to investor confidence, and this positive sentiment may well spill over into the cryptocurrency domain.

Moreover, the profitability of crypto mining has been on the rise, presenting an appealing proposition for investors seeking opportunities in the crypto market. This uptick in mining profitability could further fuel interest and investment in bitcoin, driving its price upwards.

This optimistic outlook comes on the heels of a series of ups and downs in the crypto space. In April, bitcoin surged past the $30,000 mark, marking a significant milestone in its road to recovery. This rally brought hope to investors after the crypto sector suffered massive losses in 2022. Central bank interest rate hikes and crypto firm failures dealt a severe blow, causing the loss of trillions of dollars.

It’s essential to remember that bitcoin’s journey to potential glory has not been without its share of disappointments. Back in November 2020, a Citi analyst had prophesied that bitcoin’s value could skyrocket to a staggering $318,000 by the close of 2022. However, starkly contrasting this prediction, the actual closing price for bitcoin at the end of 2022 hovered around $16,500, representing a significant decline of approximately 65%.

While the past may not always be indicative of the future, it highlights the volatile nature of the crypto market, where predictions can veer drastically off-course. Yet, with Standard Chartered’s latest bullish forecast, market participants are undoubtedly eager to witness how the next chapters of bitcoin’s saga unfold.

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