Baidu has filed lawsuits against “relevant” app developers and Apple over fake versions of its Ernie bot app available on the Apple app store.

The company’s Ernie bot, propelled by artificial intelligence and released last month, has been described as China’s answer to the U.S.-developed chatbot ChatGPT.

Baidu announced that it had filed lawsuits in Beijing Haidian People’s Court against the developers behind the counterfeit Ernie assistant applications and Apple.

“At present, Ernie does not have any official app,” Baidu stated on its official “Baidu AI” WeChat account late on Friday.

It also published an image of its court filing.

“Until our company’s official announcement, any Ernie app you see from App Store or other stores are fake,” the message read.

Access to the Ernie bot is restricted to users who request and obtain access codes. Baidu also warned against individuals selling access credentials in its statement.

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