Israel's Reichman University

Google have partnered with Israel’s Reichman University to establish a school offering training high-tech professionals, with a range of courses available in computer programming and analytics as well as other related subjects.

The School of High Tech will offer subsidies to students from under-represented communities “including women, the ultra-Orthodox, Arabs, members of the Ethiopian community and people from the geo-social periphery and disadvantaged socio-economic groups,” the university said in a statement.

“We believe that a variety of voices, opinions and perspectives enriches Israeli high-tech and its developments,” said Barak Regev, managing director of Google Israel.

The university confirmed that courses are due to begin in the coming weeks, and students will earn credit towards a degree.

Google will also provide scholarships to participants.

The tech giant has recently increased investment in Israel despite protests by Jewish and Palestinian organizations and opposition from some of its own employees.

Israel has an advanced high-tech sector, accounting for around 15% of the country’s economic activity, but a severe shortage of skilled tech workers has hampered further growth, with tens of thousands of positions currently unfilled.

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