A Qatar Airlines jet

Qatar Airways will add 10,000 members to its workforce in order to handle an influx of passengers flying into Doha for the soccer World Cup, which starts in November.

A spokesperson for the Doha-based airline confirmed the recruitment drive which will lift its total workforce to more than 55,000 from its current figure of approximately 45,000 workers.
“Qatar Airways is on a growth trajectory following COVID and with World Cup preparations in full swing it is ramping up recruitment across the airline,” the company said in a statement.

The airline has not clarified how many of the new positions will be temporary for the world cup and how many would continue beyond the end of the competition. Staff levels had previously been reduced to below 37,000 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Recruitment events have been held by the company in the Philippines, India and other countries at the end of September.

The World Cup will kick off in Qatar on November 20th, the first time a Middle Eastern nation has hosted the tournament.

Qatar Airways is adjusting 70% of its schedule to make way for additional flights arriving in Doha for the event and has canceled other flights and reduced frequencies in order to free up aircraft to meet demand from fans.

Other airlines will significantly increase flights to Qatar, which has reopened a disused airport for the event.

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