November 14, 2012 – Lextin Capital has announced that Mr. Arturo Diaz will retire from the firm at the end of the year as Head of Wealth Management for Latin America.

Arturo Diaz has spent the last four years as Head of Wealth Management for Latin American Strategy at Lextin Capital.

Lextin Capital’s Head of Wealth Management for Latin America, Mr. Arturo Diaz has been an integral component in developing and implementing our overall investment strategy at Lextin Capital.  This has included identifying trends and the companies that were likely to benefit from these trends within growth markets of Brazil, Mexico and Chile.  Mr. Diaz was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and studied at Universidad de Buenos Aires in Economics where he achieved his Masters.

Since joining Lextin Capital in late 2008 as Senior Analyst for Latin America, Arturo has focussed on identifying trends in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Chile, as well as the small economies of Latin America.

Lextin Capital’s Head of Wealth Management for Latin America, Mr. Arturo Diaz said “After 4 fantastic years at the firm, I have decided to retire a few years early due to my wife’s ill health.  I would love to continue in my current role but I believe the relaxed environment of Buenos Aires will suit my wife better than Hong Kong, and she will be closer to her family and friends.”

“I have enjoyed every moment of my time at the firm, and I believe I have left the Latin American Division with exceptional success, and I will be able to assist from Argentina to help my successor continue,” added Arturo Diaz, outgoing Head of Wealth Management for Latin America for Lextin Capital.

Lextin Capital’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Richard Lexman commented on Mr. Diaz’s impending retirement saying “Arturo has been an important part research team, heading our Latin American Division during exciting years for markets such as Mexico and Brazil.  The last 4 years have been particularly successful for our company in the market he has overseen, which is testament to the skill and dedication of Arturo.  I can say with certainty that everyone who has worked with Arturo at Lextin Capital will wish him and his wife all the best in their retirement”.

Lextin Capital was founded in 2008, beginning operations in Hong Kong’s financial district. As the firm began to expand and receive regional recognition for success with its clients, Lextin Capital opened further offices in the region. The further expansion of operations which followed in the subsequent years allowed for the company to proliferate throughout Asia, with specific focus on Southeast Asia, taking advantage of developing markets and establishing itself as an investment and wealth management firm at the forefront of the industry.

With 4 offices across the region, Lextin Capital has established a network of experts with experience in identifying opportunities within developing and developed markets with considerable growth potential. Focusing primarily on developing markets, we are able to offer our clients low-risk opportunities with huge potential for future growth and financial gains.

Lextin Capital has developed institutionalized experience and success in investment growth and sustainable strategies, offering clients a wide range of viable market options. With no relationship to rival firms, and with no subsequent conflicts of interest, our clients are assured that we operate solely for their benefit. Our investment strategies are both flexible and robust, individually designed and tailored to our clients’ objectives.

Offering unique and innovative investment opportunities in markets around the world, Lextin Capital operates with transparency and professionalism, providing clients with pioneering financial strategies essential for financial growth.

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