March 17, 2009 – C. Wong Financial last night celebrated its 10th anniversary at its global headquarters in Hong Kong.

Since C. Wong Financial opened its doors in 1999, they have services clients from all four corners of the globe acquiring assets of over US$2 billion.

Welcoming the guests, C. Wong Financial’s President, Mr. Ketsu Maeda greeted more than 200 guests including C. Wong Financial’s well established client’s, members of the Executive Committee and friends of the Firm.

C. Wong Financial’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Kenneth Dooley gave a short speech saying “As we celebrate 10 years in the industry, and if you look how far we have come, it is really fantastic achievement. When we established ourselves in Hong Kong in 1999, we set out our mission to become one of Asia’s leading Wealth Management firms.”

“Ten years on, we have amassed a global client-base and opened four offices in the Asia Pacific region.  As we celebrate years of commitment and success, we’d like to thank our clients for their confidence and trust,” added Kenneth Dooley, Chief Executive Officer of C. Wong Financial.

C. Wong Financial’s President, Mr. Ketsu Maeda also went on to say “Firstly, I would like to thank our personnel and close clients to mark this very big milestone. Asia has become the world’s biggest trading continent and as Asia moves from investment and exports toward consumption, its new model will require more sophisticated financial services to support its economic growth.”

“We will continue to draw on our global experience and we look forward to continue bringing our international capabilities to assist all of private individuals and multinational clients as they adapt and grow in these times of change,” said Ketsu Maeda, President of C. Wong Financial.

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